Vehicle Shipping Manual
The Vehicle Shipping Manual has been prepared to assist all personnel involved in the handling of motor vehicles shipped by FCA US LLC. Our intent is to facilitate conformance to FCA US LLC's requirements. All carrier personnel are required to read and become familiar with the requirements in this manual. Bulletins issued from the logistics office will be in addition to or will supercede the information in this manual. Strict adherence to the provisions contained herein will further our mutual goals of eliminated transportation damage.

Instructions contained herein for the preparation, handling and transporting of vehicles are not intended to violate or conflict with any Federal, State or Local Government regulations now in effect or that may be issued in the future. All carriers will be expected to comply with such Government regulations. In the event any regulations conflict with instructions contained herein, please advise FCA US LLC immediately.

To review the manual, click on any of the links below.  You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view these documents.  If you don't have Acrobat, you can obtain the latest version, free, by going to and downloading the software. Requests for additional printed copies of this manual or supplements should be directed to:

Manager-Vehicle Logistics Quality Assurance
800 Chrysler Drive East
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2757
CIMS 483-00-20

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Vehicle Shipping Manual 11/01/2019
Loading Sheets 11/16/2021